Antietam National Battlefield – Happy New Year!

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Taking the road less traveled 🙂

Happy New Year!  I hope you had a great New Year’s Eve!  There was a time when I liked to dress up in a sexy pair of heels and dance the night away.  Now, I prefer quieter evenings at home.  I tend to fall asleep around 10PM, but I set my alarm for 11:58PM.  This way, I wake up in time to watch the ball drop and wish everyone a Happy New Year.  🙂 (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – Marc Fisher Tailynn Ankle Booties

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I purchased these booties during the height of my enthusiasm for burgundy/wine colored heels.  I knew they would look perfect with this plaid skirt I paired them with.  I was going for a school-girl vibe with this photo shoot.  I even brought along some graduate school books that matched my outfit.  Thank you, Managerial Economics.  😉

The boots are super comfortable with a nice footbed and a heel height of approximately 3 inches.  I had to walk through some gravel as we navigated our way through an elementary school and a high school.  I swung on swings at the elementary school and even attempted to climb on the monkey bars. The kid in me was smiling!  

The boot is an almond toe with a side zip closure.  It has a suede upper and comes in black, dark blue, and dark red (my purchase).  I really love the side buckle because it adds a charming detail to the booties.  These boots are still available at Macy’s in all the colors I mention above, at least at the time of this post.  A quick internet search for “Marc Fisher Tailynn booties” will bring up other options as well.     

I highly recommend adding these booties to your Fall collection.  I’ve gotten several compliments from co-workers, friends, and even strangers.  I love the skinny heels and the wine color is so sexy and in the moment!  Pair them with mini-skirts, leggings, and jeans.  They will definitely amp up your look and get you noticed.    

Style with a smile! 

Dr. Samuel A. Mudd Elementary – Holiday Traditions

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September through December is my favorite time of year.  The oppressive heat of Summer dissipates into the more comfortable temperatures of Fall.  Leaves begin to change colors putting on a spectacular show before dancing their final act through the air in a random spiral to the ground.  Halloween comes and goes and before I know it, Thanksgiving and Christmas are around the corner. (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – Enzo Angiolini Dalyons Ankle Boot

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Sexy to me is a pair of stiletto heels.  It is the epitome of femininity.  So, these boots were a must have the first time I saw them a year or so ago.  I paired them with Paige denim, a boho top, and a cowgirl hat.  I wanted to convey a Southern vibe for the second act of our photo shoot at The Dr. Mudd House Museum in Southern Maryland.  The only inconvenience was walking on the gravel to get from the parking area to the barns behind the Mudd House.  Stilettos aren’t the best footwear for walking on loose stones! (more…)

Dr. Mudd House Museum – Mind the Gap

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When I was growing up in San Diego, the closest I got to traveling abroad was Tijuana (TJ), Mexico.  TJ was popular among the youth because engaging in underage drinking was highly possible.  😉  In a sense, partying in TJ is a rite of passage for Southern California kids.  At the time, pre 9/11, I didn’t even need a passport to traverse the Mexican border.    (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – White House Black Market Fowler Fringe Boot

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My obsession with fringe continues!  However, as much as I coveted this boot, the current price point was out of my budget.  Yet, I was so tempted to make an exception because the booties are so sexy-cute and irresistible!  It was a constant battle between waiting and splurging.  What helped me wait was the warm weather.  I knew the boot would be in its box collecting dust until the cooler temps.  On the other hand, I was also worried my size would disappear.  SIGH…the stress of strategic shoe shopping!  😉  (more…)

Southern Maryland – Confessions of a New Blogger

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When I began this blogging adventure, I was brimming with content ideas and the excitement of posting an online journal.  In addition to sharing my love of heels and history, I had intended for Lizzy’s Latest to be a hodge-podge of my favorite things. (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – Vince Camuto Solter Booties

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Last Saturday, the weather was partly sunny, around 58 degrees, and with a breeze.  It was perfect weather for wearing booties.  With the cooler temps, I paired them with a long-sleeved plaid top cinched with a belt and cords.  Both top and pants are from Ann Taylor Loft.         (more…)

Dr. Mudd House Museum – Baptism, Babies, and Blessings

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It is rare to have my whole family together all at once.  So, imagine my excitement and anticipation as I made my drive to my brother, Michael’s, house in South Carolina for my Godson’s baptism.  My sister and parents had arrived the afternoon before and were already settled.  (more…)