Lizzy’s Latest – Vince Camuto Rhiannon Booties

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This photo shoot was taken at a historic courthouse in Port Tobacco, MD.  It was mid-January and we were blessed with a relatively warm day.  So, we took advantage of the weather and shot some nice nature shots here. (more…)

Port Tobacco, MD – No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

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As a practicing Roman Catholic, one of my favorite weekly activities is attending Mass.  I see it as visiting God in His house once a week.  Going to church is also cathartic for me.  Whatever struggles I may have encountered during the week dissipates as I participate in the Mass.  By the end of Mass my spirit feels renewed, my mind is clear, and I leave with a calming sense of peace. (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – BCBGeneration Caliko Suede Strappy Pumps

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We continued on our Alexandria, VA adventure with these set of pictures.  After taking more shots around my dad’s office, we braved the brisk wind in search of new scenery.  Christmas decorations were still on display around the federal courthouse keeping the atmosphere quite festive.  Interesting to note, that courthouse was the location where 9/11 terrorist, Zacarias Moussaoui, was tried and convicted.  Across from the courthouse is the Carlyle Club, a pretty famous establishment in the Washington, DC area.  🙂 (more…)

Alexandria, VA – Anthony’s Story

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Not too long ago, I had a heart to heart with my co-worker and good friend, Walter.  After commenting about how exhausted he looked, he revealed that his family was dealing with an unexpected crisis.  I could see the worry on his face.  I could sense the fear of uncertainty in his voice as he confessed that his younger brother, Anthony, 22, has been fighting an aggressive form of skin cancer since last August.  The cancer came back a few weeks ago with a vengeance putting Anthony’s young life in serious jeopardy. (more…)