RCMH Final for WebsiteWelcome to Lizzy’s Latest!  My name is Elizabeth (Lizzy to my family and close friends) and I love shoes!  I created this site mainly as a picture diary to my burgeoning shoe collection.

My journey to heels was truly unplanned and perhaps even serendipitous.  I grew up in the Imperial Beach section of San Diego, CA.  As a little girl, we didn’t have a lot of money.  So, wearing the latest fashion was simply impractical.  Fashion surrounded me I’m certain, but I was oblivious to it.  My “style” was short hair, pants, t-shirt, and sneakers.  I was a tomboy more interested in playing cops and robbers with the boys, climbing trees, and hiding in bushes.  I had a few dresses and one pair of church shoes (low heels) and on the rare occasion I was forced to dress like a little girl, my mom would always have to remind me to sit like a lady!

Around 5th or 6th grade, the girls at my school began dressing more provocatively:   tighter clothes, makeup, and kitten heels.  I noticed the boys noticing them and I wanted them to notice me too.  I attribute this time as the moment when my inner girly-girl was awakened.  Unfortunately for me, I had no style icon to look up to, so my fashion sense was an organic trial and error experiment.  I grew my hair longer and played with my mom’s makeup never wearing too much.  I got my ears pierced and used my allowance to buy earrings and blue mascara.  My wardrobe staple was still pants, t-shirts, and sneakers, but I mixed them with skirts, cropped tops, and shorts outfits that I found at bargain clothing stores.  I discovered girly flats, but still shied away from most heels.  I imagine the tomboy in me still wasn’t ready to totally let go.   

My transition to heels began in college when an unassuming style icon entered my life:  my East Coast BFF.  She had great personal style and always incorporated the latest trends into her wardrobe.  She loved heels and couldn’t understand my attachment to flats even on nights out in the city.  I was resistant at first, but watching her strut her gorgeous self in a pair of stilettos and getting quite the reaction from the guys inspired me to start experimenting with heels.  And thus began my love affair with heels.

After undergrad (Business) and grad school (MBA), I had more discretionary income.  I started coveting more expensive designer heels.  I figured why not since I can afford them, but the practical side of me always won out.  Then, one summer I threw practicality out the window and splurged on two pairs of $345 L.K. Bennett Sledge Round Toe Platform Pumps.  Yes, the pumps Duchess Kate made famous. 

All I can wonder is what was I thinking spending $700 + (with tax) on two pairs of shoes?  My impulse buy was a disaster from the start.  I have narrow heels so I kept slipping out of the shoes.  I bought heel inserts which solved the heel issue, but made the toe area extremely tight and painful.  I paraded around in them for a month or so smiling while gritting my teeth trying to convince myself my feet didn’t hurt that bad all the while enduring nightly toe cramps.  Needless to say, neither shoes worked out for me.  I ended up donating both pairs.

Today, my shoe style is affordable.  Designer heels are beautiful and perhaps one day I will throw practicality out the window again.  However, for now my blog will focus on cute, classy, sexy shoes for the “everyday girl.”  If this sounds like your style or if you’re curious, I invite you to take this journey with me and visit often.

I must confess that although the majority of this blog will focus on my shoe style, I would be remiss if I didn’t share my other loves oflifestyle, history, and travel.  This unique blend of interests keeps me engaged and exploring.  I look forward to sharing all of this with you.  I hope you will enjoy this blog (my very first!) and draw inspiration, knowledge, and happiness from it. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope to “see” you again.

Style with a Smile!