Sideling Hill Road Cut – The Children’s Hour

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Last Saturday, I got to spend time with my Godson, Andrew, and niece, Kristin.  On their way to the beach, my brother and his family took a break from their drive for some family time.  The kids were excited too about a slumber party with Aunt Lizzy.  🙂         

Kristin’s face lit up when she saw me.  She ran into my arms for a hug and exclaimed, “We’re going to have a slumber party!”  She added, “Can we build a fort too?”  I answered, “Of course!  We can’t have a slumber party without a fort!”

After Mass and dinner, we got ice cream.  As we enjoyed our dessert, Andrew made a comment that was quite perceptive for an 8-year old:  “Aunt Lizzy, when we’re with you, we always have to get ice cream because it’s our tradition.”  That made me smile because his reflection was thoughtful and not what I expected to hear from Andrew.

What I did expect to hear from him was a plea for a $30 Fitbit.  I know little about Fitbits, but I was sure they cost more than $30.  Yet, Andrew was so adamant that I gave in to his persistence.  Surprisingly, he found the “one.”  After opening the box, Andrew became distressed because it was “missing” the tracker.  That’s when I realized we had bought Fitbit straps!  The box was misleading showing a whole Fitbit.  Needless to say Andrew didn’t get one.

Our slumber party went a lot more smoothly than our Fitbit confusion.  The kids were psyched, but just to be sure this would be a real slumber party, they asked what time bedtime would be.  I answered bedtime would be whenever we fell asleep!  🙂  They cheered!  After playing games like hide and seek, it was time to build our fort. 

We threw bed sheets over chairs and then added blankets and pillows inside.  Kristin and I colored while Andrew played video games.  Randomly, Andrew asked why I wasn’t married.  This isn’t the first time he’s asked me that either!  I answered, “I have to find a husband first.  Why?  Do you want me to get married?”  Andrew said, “Yes.”  So, I said, “Then, you can find me a husband!”  😉  Andrew gave a sheepish smile and returned to playing videos.  The night ended watching Monsters Inc. and the kiddies fell asleep around 2AM. 

I was sad to say goodbye the next day.  I love how my life feels when children are a part of it.  I love being an aunt.  According to my dad, the kids were not ready to leave for the beach either.  They asked their mom if they could stay one more day with me.  Sweet!  They chose me over the beach.  I must have done something right!  😉       

Have a wonderful week.  🙂

Lizzy’s Latest for this week is the Guess Hedday Ankle-Tie Strappy Platform Dress sandals.  I will give my review of these sandals on Wednesday.  For now enjoy the pictures!  🙂

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