Lizzy’s Latest – White House Black Market Leather Asymmetrical Strap Sandals

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It’s always a great weekend when we can take blog pictures and indulge in Civil War history.  My dad and I did exactly that Fourth of July weekend.  We toured Union General Ulysses S. Grant’s Headquarters at City Point Museum, located inside Appomattox Manor approximately 8 miles outside Petersburg, VA and part of the Petersburg National Battlefield.    

Appomattox Manor was the ancestral home of Dr. Richard Eppes.  He gave up practicing medicine because managing the plantation was more lucrative.  Unfortunately, Dr. Eppes and his family had to abandon their home a year into the Civil War.  He eventually returned to Petersburg and returned to medicine by working as a civilian contract surgeon for the Confederacy until the end of war.

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Appomattox Manor

During the Siege of Petersburg, the Union Army occupied Appomattox Manor.  Its strategic location at the confluence of the Appomattox and James rivers with immediate access to a railway made it a perfect spot for a supply depot.  U.S. Quartermaster Rufus Ingalls managed the supplies for the Union Army making City Point the busiest harbor in the world at that time.    

However, City Point is best known as the headquarters of General Ulysses S. Grant.  He famously slept in a tent outside the plantation until a cabin could be built for him.  According to our Park Ranger, this replica of Grant’s cabin was supposedly built with original pieces:


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Only the original door remains:

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Grant, in the middle, at the door

Close up of Grant, in the middle, at the door

The Siege of Petersburg led to the South’s surrender in April 1865.  After the war, Dr. Eppes had to pay the Federal government to reclaim the title to his land.  He also had to buy all the buildings the Union constructed on his land during the Civil War!  

The Visitor Center is located at Appomattox Manor.  A short video provides a great overview of the history of the property.  After, a Park Ranger gives a brief tour of the main house where the original door from Grant’s cabin can be observed.  Finish up with some shopping at the gift shop and then head on out to explore the grounds.  🙂

This all white heel/outfit combo felt so natural with the architecture and scenery at this plantation.  I love the elegance of a simple lace white dress paired with striking white heels.  Strolling around the property made me feel like I was at a summertime soiree.  🙂  I had no discomfort walking either. 

The heels are comfortable at approximately 3.75 inches.  It has the White House Black Market proprietary memory foam footbed to add to the comfort level too.  I really love the leather asymmetrical straps and pebbled texture detail of the sandal.     

Unfortunately, these heels are sold out.  🙁  I found a very pricey substitute here and a decently priced alternative here.       

 Every girl should have a pair of white heels.  🙂  These particular heels were meant to be worn with fancier attire like I did in this photo shoot.  With heels like these, you’ll definitely want to dress to impress.  🙂 

Style with a smile!

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