Coltons Point – Andrew’s First Holy Communion

One of the joys I’ve experienced as a Godmother is helping my Godson, Andrew, strengthen his faith.  I enjoy taking him to Mass every chance I get and sharing my Catholic faith with him.

A few weekends ago, I was in South Carolina with the rest of my family to witness Andrew’s First Holy Communion (ie Sacrament of the Eucharist).  Preparing the Eucharist is an integral part of the Catholic Mass.  We essentially re-enact the Last Supper.  During this part of the Mass, the priest will consecrate the bread and wine and through the mystery of transubstantiation, the bread and wine literally become the Body and Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Needless to say, I was delighted to be a part of this momentous event.  The children were dressed to impress with the little girls in beautiful white dresses and the boys in their grown-up suits.  🙂  The kids walked in pairs to their pews.  When it was Andrew’s turn to come down the aisle, he was paired with a sweet little girl.  However, one would think the little girl had “cooties” with the way he zoomed ahead of her!  We kept whispering “slow down” to no avail because he could not hear us from where we were sitting.  Fortunately, the rest of the Mass proceeded more gracefully.  😉 

Before receiving Holy Communion, Catholics recite these words,

“Lord I am not worthy that you should enter under my roof, but only say the word and my soul shall be healed.” 

Hearing the children utter those words was rousing to me because I understood the meaning and what would happen next.  When it was my Godson’s turn, he exited his row and walked up to the altar, this time at a normal pace.  😉  Monsignor McSweeney spoke:

“The Body of Christ”

I held my breath as I observed Andrew receiving the Body of Christ and then drinking the Blood of Christ.  It was a beautiful sight to witness!  After Mass, I asked Andrew how he felt and he responded, “Holy.”  🙂  I pray Andrew will continue to grow in faith and receive the Eucharist honorably, devoutly, and frequently for in my heart, Catholicism is a treasure.  🙂


Andrew before church


Andrew receiving First Holy Communion


After Mass: Grandparents on the left (Mom and Dad), parents in the middle (Shannon and my brother, Michael), and Godparents on the right (that’s my brother’s BFF, Greg). Kiddies are Andrew, Kristin, and Josh.


Kristin and I are modeling our heels. 😉

The rest of my time was spent making memories with the kiddies.  We had quite the adventure Saturday afternoon from putt-putt to ice cream and everything in between.  🙂  That evening, we played hide and seek.  We stayed up late and had a slumber party.  Andrew loves Star Wars and had us “watch” the most recent films released.  Unfortunately, I have not kept up with the franchise and the best I could do was repeat, “Luke, I am your father!”  😉  This prompted Joshua, my almost 3-year old Godson, to run around the house repeating that line. 🙂

Beginning of our Saturday adventure – I love this candid … not sure what Andrew was trying to do. 😉

Take 2! Check out Josh in the background!

Posing with my other Godson, Joshua. 🙂

Kristin and I had some girl time too.  She loves heels!  My sister-in-law, Shannon, mused that Kristin’s penchant for heels must come from my side of the family.  🙂  This became obvious when I was packing and could not locate a pair of heels.  I looked everywhere!  Finally, I asked Kristin and she coyly said, “In my room.”  Ha!  I should have known.  I think we have a future shoe blogger in the making.  😉

The heels I could not locate! 😉

Kristin also liked my black wedges. 🙂

I’d be remiss if I didn’t wish all mothers a Happy Mother’s Day!  I am so grateful for my mom.  Her unconditional love guides me and comforts me always.  She is my best friend!  Mom, I love you!  🙂  

Have a wonderful week.  🙂

Lizzy’s Latest for this week is the Nine West Everafter Fringed Two-Piece Pumps.  My review of these heels will post on Wednesday of next week.  For now enjoy the pictures!  🙂