Smallwood State Park – New Beginnings

A few weeks ago, Feedspot, an online RSS feed reader, compiled a list of the Top 75 Shoe Websites and Blogs on the Web based on their index using search and social metrics.  To my surprise and delight, Lizzy’s Latest made this list!  My little blog came in at number 51 with plenty of room to grow! 🙂

A big thank you goes out to you, my readers!  You are a big part of this recognition too, so please, continue visiting.  🙂 And of course, there would be no shoe blog without pictures.  So, Dad, thank you for being my photographer and practicing patience when I ask you to take a million of pics of the same pose!  😉  Hard work pays off, especially with the shots in this month’s post.  We took them about 2 weeks ago when temps remained in the 30s with a biting wind!  Brrr!  With this kind of dedication, it feels good to know Lizzy’s Latest is being noticed.  And this shoe blog journey continues…  🙂

Around the same time this happy news came to me, some sad news came as well.  Tammy, my Forever BFF, lost a close friend unexpectedly.  Carlos had a massive heart attack a day after they had lunch and lingered unconscious for about a week before passing.  He was only in his late 30s which makes his death even more tragic. 

Carlos was a selfless man who lived life taking care of others.  His joy was doing little things to make the people he loved happy.  Tammy came to depend on him for friendship and advice.  He was encouraging her to find her joy and slowly, she was doing that.  Since Carlos’ passing,  I listen to Tammy’s stories about him and wish I could have known this man too.  She spoke at his memorial service and there was not a dry eye in the congregation.  I was so proud of Tammy because she avoids speaking in crowds and yet, she found the courage to honor her friend in a poignant and beautiful way.  Carlos truly was a good influence on Tammy and I know his legacy will live on through her.  In fact, Tammy is already at the beginning of a new path in her life. 

In situations like this, it’s hard not to think about my own mortality.  So much of life is uncertain and since we are not guaranteed a tomorrow, it’s so important to seize each day.  To me, it means shaking up the monotony of my life and I have!  I’m not sure what will come of it, but it’s exciting to be on the road less traveled.  Spontaneity has its moments.  😉

With all new beginnings and life in general, remember to live, love, laugh, and repeat!  🙂 

Have a wonderful week.  🙂

Lizzy’s Latest for this week is the Marc Fisher Truthe Suede Lace-Up Pumps.  My review of these heels will post on Wednesday of next week.  For now enjoy the pictures!  🙂