Southern Maryland – Fearless

I always get nervous when I have to drive to unfamiliar places.  Fortunately, it’s not as intimidating anymore with a GPS navigator and apps like Waze to direct me.  I used both to guide me to my Aunt Lisa, Uncle Shawn, and cousin, Caroline’s house back in July.

Everything was great until I was on the road their house is on and almost missed the left turn into their driveway.  I immediately slammed on my breaks and made the hard left.  In that moment, I heard breaks screeching and cars honking.  Ooops!  In hindsight, perhaps I should have continued straight and then turned around.  On the other hand, I wondered why they were tailgating me?  Didn’t they see my Maryland plates?!

It took a few minutes for me to park and gather my things.  As I exited the car to greet my Uncle Shawn, we noticed a white mini-van idling at the front of the driveway.  In that same instant, a woman on the passenger side rolled down the window and screamed: 


How embarrassing! 

I answered, “No…I’m sorry!”  Then, I looked at my uncle in shock. 

She began ranting, but Uncle Shawn cut her off midstream and with a swat of his arm ordered her to:


Uncle Shawn to the rescue!  🙂   

The mini-van peeled out and disappeared to my relief.

Only in New Jersey!  😉   

Aside from that unpleasant incident, my stay was so much fun.  Caroline and I spent the next day at Six Flags Great Adventure.  My Aunt Lisa warned me that Caroline was a little squeamish of roller coasters.  Little did I know that actually meant Caroline was scared of ALL roller coasters! 

It took some coaxing, but Caroline finally agreed to ride the Bizarro with me.  We walked towards the ride, her courage diminishing with every step.  And when we got there, Caroline’s fear got the best of her.  She kept insisting she couldn’t do it because of all the loops.  I kept reassuring her she could do it.  This back and forth went on for almost 20 minutes!

I finally convinced her to get in line with me and she did, only to jump out of line the closer we got to getting on the ride.  It took me another 15 minutes of reasoning with Caroline to get her back in line.  One of the guys manning the ride saw what was going on and sympathized with Caroline adding that he felt that way too the first time he went on a roller coaster, but after the ride, he realized there was nothing to fear.

However, that was not enough to keep Caroline in line.  SIGH…after some more reasoning and pleading, my 13-year old cousin grudgingly got back in line with me.  I told her she would not regret it, but I could tell she did not believe one word I said! 

When it was our turn to get on, I made sure she went on first.  The ride attendant who was closely monitoring Caroline’s progress reassured her she would be ok and that he would ride with us if it would make her feel better.  She didn’t say much aside from whispering, “I can’t do this, I can’t do this…” 

I said, “YES, you CAN!”

I pulled the bar over me excited to experience Caroline’s first roller coaster ride with her and then the unimaginable happened:  Caroline jumped off the roller coaster!

I was yelling at her to get back on, but she refused.  When the attendant saw what had happened, he came to the rescue.  He had the mic and started talking to the crowd!  He told them there was a girl who was scared to get on this ride and that she needed a little encouragement.  So, the entire crowd began chanting, “Get on the ride, get on the ride…!”

It was enough to get Caroline back on the ride and this time the attendant pulled the bars over Caroline securing her in.  There was no turning back now!  She was so scared.  I held her hand, consoled her, and promised her it would be fun.  Then, the ride took off!

I loved this roller coaster with so many drops, twists and loops!  Afterwards, I looked over at Caroline trying to gauge her reaction.  I nervously asked, “So, how was it?”

To my relief, she smiled and said:  “That was awesome!  Can we ride it again?!” 

It was the answer I had hoped to hear!!!  🙂  I answered in the affirmative and we exited the ride to get back in line.  🙂

I was so proud of Caroline!  She conquered her fear of roller coasters and we spent the rest of the afternoon riding coasters.  🙂   

Caroline rode the Bizarro, her first roller coaster ever! 🙂

Later that evening, we recounted the story to her mom and dad.  Both were shocked that she got on a roller coaster.  My uncle Shawn acknowledged I was the only one who successfully got through to her and for that he was grateful.  Sometimes, patience and persistence pays off.  😉

We also took a safari and the ride was very bumpy, but well worth all the animals we saw.

Have a wonderful week.  🙂

Lizzy’s Latest for this week is the BCBGeneration Elle strappy booties.  My review of these heels will post on Wednesday of next week.  For now, enjoy the pictures.