Petersburg National Battlefield: City Point – Reunions and Milestones

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I’m back!  🙂  I had a lovely interlude of fun with my Forever BFF, Tammy, and my family.  One of the most memorable moments of my trip was at the beginning when Tammy was reunited with my brother, Michael.  Michael was best friends with her brother, Carl.  Together, the four of us were inseparable.  We were the four musketeers.  🙂  We had fun together and at times were even disciplined together…

At my brother’s, immediate recognition led to a warm hug between Tammy and Michael.  It’s hard to believe they hadn’t seen each other since childhood!  Yet, it was like old times, picking up where they last left off.  They caught up and then we began reminiscing about childhood memories that left us in stitches. 

One of our favorite stories to tell is about my brother.  Michael could not say his “Rs” when we were little.  So, Tammy’s dad would sometimes make him practice his “Rs” with this phrase:  “Rambo ran rapidly through the rackety forest.”  Michael practiced and practiced and repeated the phrase:  “Wambo wan wapidy through the wackety fowest.” 

Not even close!  In time, Tammy’s dad would “punish” all of us when my brother said that sentence incorrectly…which was often.  He would queue us up and make us swallow a spoonful of horseradish! Gross!  It must have worked though because Michael eventually grew out of that speech impediment.  😉 




Now, only missing Carl!

Of course, I will detail more of my time away in the coming months.  In the meantime, I am so proud to announce Lizzy’s Latest turned 1 during my hiatus.  🙂  I had a few growing pains as I detailed in this blog post, but I persevered and now we are 1 year in!     

Thank you to all who engage me in your likes and comments and also to all who support me, but prefer to remain anonymous.  I am so thankful because you take time out of your day to visit my website.  I see that and appreciate your support!  Thank you!!!  🙂     

Without a doubt, another person who deserves accolades is my photographer:  my dad.  He has the patience of Job because he endures multiple takes to get a shot to my liking.  My dad’s work has been noticed too by the likes of Macys, White House Black Market, and even Steve Madden.  Macy’s, in particular, featured several of my fashion posts on their Times Square billboard:

TS 1 Final

TS 2 Final

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Not bad for a first time blogger.  😉  I am also thankful for my fellow bloggers who inspire me with their encouragement as well as their personal style.  I’ve been so fortunate to be connected to so many wonderful people. 

I am so blessed and look forward to sharing more fashion and history with all of you in year 2!

Have a wonderful week.  🙂

Lizzy’s Latest for this week is the White House Black Market Leather Asymmetrical Strap heels.  I will give my review of these sandals on Wednesday.  For now enjoy the pictures!  🙂

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