Southern Maryland – Confessions of a New Blogger

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When I began this blogging adventure, I was brimming with content ideas and the excitement of posting an online journal.  In addition to sharing my love of heels and history, I had intended for Lizzy’s Latest to be a hodge-podge of my favorite things.

I read several books and conducted endless online research about blogging.  In all my considerations, one message was consistent:  “blogging is hard work and time consuming.”  Yet, despite reading the same warnings over and over again, it didn’t cause me too much concern.  Perhaps the authors were exaggerating.  Or perhaps, to my conspiratorial mind, the message was to discourage new entrants into the already saturated market.  Besides, maintaining a fashion blog is not rocket science!  How hard could it be?

So, there I was the Sunday evening before Memorial Day putting together my first entry.  I spent all night and into the early morning hours of Monday writing, editing, and finally publishing my first post.  However, I was not done yet.  I also had to put together content for social media accounts alerting social media users of and its first blog post.  By the time I was done, the sun was rising.  A foreshadow, perhaps?  Unfortunately, even the light from the rising sun was still not bright enough to penetrate my naïveté. 

I reasoned it took so long because I was new to this and every new venture has a learning curve.  I was correct to an extent.  I started keeping a schedule:  blog posts and picture selection had to be done before the weekend.  This way I could spend Saturday editing and finalizing the content for publishing.  This worked sometimes.  More often than not, computer issues, social media issues, and other unexpected occurrences would deem my schedule irrelevant and I would end up working well into Sunday evenings.      

Reality finally set in, all that advice was absolutely correct!  I really had no idea how much time this endeavor would consume.  All my other passions sadly lingered in the peripheral of my life and I had little time for family and friends.  That’s when I realized maintaining a weekly blog format was no longer conducive to my lifestyle.  So, that’s why I made the decision to post my shoe blog every other week. 

This is the first week on this new schedule and I can say the anxiety I sometimes felt with a weekly blog has diminished if not disappeared.  I’ve always lived my life in moderation and remembering that has brought an atmosphere of peace and balance back to my life.  I guess we’ll see how it goes.  🙂

If you’re a new blogger on a similar journey or have questions, I’d love to hear from you.  Please contact me and we can share our experiences together.

Have a wonderful week!

Lizzy’s Latest for this week is the White House Black Market Fowler Fringe Boot.  I will give my review of these shoes on Wednesday.  For now, enjoy the pictures!  🙂

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