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Lizzy’s Latest – Marc Fisher Tune Fringe Booties


The Gettysburg National Military Park is one of my favorite Civil War battlefields to explore.  It was in this area that the Battle of Gettysburg was fought over a 3-day period in July of 1863.  For this photo shoot, we headed to the Pennsylvania State Memorial located at Cemetery Ridge, the primary defensive position of the Union Army. (more…)

Gettysburg, PA – The Pennsylvania State Memorial – Reflect, Reset, and Recharge


About one year ago, I published a post called “Confessions of a New Blogger.”  In it, I described my journey as a first time blogger and the realization that maintaining a weekly blog would be unsustainable given my other passions and desire to spend time with family and friends. (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – Steve Madden Slithur Caged Sandals

wed-1-img_1358-finalThis photo shoot continues our tour of the Petersburg National Battlefield.  This time we took pictures in an area where a handful of men from the Union army clandestinely dug a mine that reached the Confederate lines.  Once under the Confederate position, the mine was filled with explosives and detonated!  The explosion caused the Earth to tremble propelling Confederate men and artillery into the air and creating a huge crater that was at least 30 feet deep and approximately 120 feet wide!  (more…)

Petersburg, VA – The Crater – Unexpected Surprises


Sometimes, life’s wonderful moments happen unexpectedly.  About a month or so ago, my friend, Bill, surprised me.  He said he would be in my area attending his older brother’s pinning ceremony for promotion to Colonel in the United States Air Force!  I was so happy for Bill and his family because many years before, their father had a similar pinning ceremony when he was promoted to Colonel.  Their military service had come full circle and I can only imagine the pride and joy beaming from their hearts as Stephen was pinned. (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – White House Black Market Fowler Fringe Boot

20151017_172559 WED Final

My obsession with fringe continues!  However, as much as I coveted this boot, the current price point was out of my budget.  Yet, I was so tempted to make an exception because the booties are so sexy-cute and irresistible!  It was a constant battle between waiting and splurging.  What helped me wait was the warm weather.  I knew the boot would be in its box collecting dust until the cooler temps.  On the other hand, I was also worried my size would disappear.  SIGH…the stress of strategic shoe shopping!  😉  (more…)

Southern Maryland – Confessions of a New Blogger

1 IMG_7885 Final

When I began this blogging adventure, I was brimming with content ideas and the excitement of posting an online journal.  In addition to sharing my love of heels and history, I had intended for Lizzy’s Latest to be a hodge-podge of my favorite things. (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – Vince Camuto Solter Booties

IMG_7541 Final Wed

Last Saturday, the weather was partly sunny, around 58 degrees, and with a breeze.  It was perfect weather for wearing booties.  With the cooler temps, I paired them with a long-sleeved plaid top cinched with a belt and cords.  Both top and pants are from Ann Taylor Loft.         (more…)

Dr. Mudd House Museum – Baptism, Babies, and Blessings

1 IMG_7511 Final

It is rare to have my whole family together all at once.  So, imagine my excitement and anticipation as I made my drive to my brother, Michael’s, house in South Carolina for my Godson’s baptism.  My sister and parents had arrived the afternoon before and were already settled.  (more…)

Lizzy’s Latest – Enzo Angiolini Circini Point-Toe Pumps

IMG_7041 Final

D’Orsay style pumps are so elegant and sexy.  If you’re wondering what d’Orsay style is, it is simply when one or both sides of a pump are cut away to reveal the arch of the foot.  This is the style of the Enzo Angiolini Circini pumps.     (more…)

Bethesda/Rockville, MD – A Breath of Fresh Air

1 20150919_142929 Final

I had an interesting experience this week.  On Monday, I pulled out of my garage and noticed my car sounded loud.  Initially, I was concerned, but not concerned enough to stop and check it out.  Yes, a complete “knows nothing about cars” chick reaction!  So, I continued my 45-mile drive to work convincing myself the sound was normal.  Eventually, I had to turn up the music to drown it out.  No sound, no problem, right?  I got to work safely and decided my 9-year old car was beginning to show its age.    (more…)