Shoespiration: Vince Camuto Welton Moto Boots

Now that my shoe blog is monthly, the time in between posts sometimes feels like too long of an absence from all of you, at least to me.  As such, I’ve launched a new segment on my blog called, “Shoespiration.”  🙂  Its intent is to fill the fashion void that lingers between my main blog posts.  It’s a mini blog post; a sort of fashion fix if you will to get us through the month.  😉

I can’t promise this will be a consistent post (depends on my schedule!), but I will try to keep it as consistent as possible.  It will feature shoes that would not otherwise appear in the main blog and shoes that have been featured, but paired with a different outfit.  My hope is that you will get fashion inspiration and happiness from each post.  🙂

We took these pics the same day we had the photo shoot for the current heels featured in my March post.  It was cold!  This was towards the end of the day and I felt like an icicle!  Sigh…the things we do for fashion!  I’m certain my fellow fashion bloggers can relate.  😉

However, it was worth it!  Don’t you love these leather moto boots from Vince Camuto?!  The whiskey color is so rich!  The diamond quilting adds such a nice texture to the boot and the buckles give it an edgy feel!  I truly felt sexy and confident in these boots despite the lack of a significant heel.    

I paired the boots with an asymmetrical top, black choker, black cords, and my favorite Michael Kors crossbody saddle bag.  It’s a nice casual Friday outfit for the office or a chic outfit to run Saturday errands.  It’s also a nice heel/outfit combo to wear for a low-key meet-up with friends and/or a significant other.  As with most of the shoes I feature, these are quite versatile. 

These boots are also my first low-heel feature.  Proof that I don’t always wear high heels!  😉

Style with a Smile!  🙂